Pink Yarrow 7.5 ml


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Patterns of imbalance: Unbalanced sympathetic forces, overly absorbent auric field, lack of emotional clarity, dysfunctional merging with others.

Every human soul seeks at its deepest level to be compassionate, to open its feeling life to others. The Pink Yarrow type needs to distinguish authentic compassion from overly sympathetic identification with others. For such persons, the boundaries between the Self and others are quite loose and ill-defined. This extreme openness predisposes the soul to easily bleed, or merge with its environment, particularly the emotional aura of others. As a consequence, such individuals experience emotional confusion and oversensitivity, unable to identify which feelings originate from the Self and which from others. –Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Pink Yarrow 7.5 ml