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AFTER YOU PLACE AN ORDER, WE WILL CONTACT YOU VIA EMAIL with your International Shipping Quote for your order. Please check your email regularly, so we can get your approval on the shipping rate and process your order and get it to you.

Please add herbshop@presentmoment.com to your email address book, so that when we contact you regarding the actual shipping cost, we do not get blocked by your spam filters.

Your order WILL NOT BE PROCESSED until you review and ACCEPT our shipping quote. You do this by replying back to our Shipping Quote Email that you accept the quote for your order. Only AFTER you accept the shipping charge, will your order proceed and be shipped to you. The sooner you respond to our email, the sooner your order will be shipped to you.

If you choose NOT to accept the quote, reply back to our email telling us to CANCEL your order. Only then will we delete your order and information from our system.

We ship ONLY via the United States Postal Service and all International orders are quoted the cheapest method available to ship to your country.WE DO NOT SHIP TO AUSTRALIA due to customs regulations restricting  the entry of herbs which may contain viable seeds.

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