Pomegranate 7.5 ml


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Patterns of imbalance: Ambivalent or confused about the focus of feminine creativity, especially between values of career and home, creative and procreative, personal and global.

The individual who seeks to evolve through her feminine incarnation is given great possibility and choice in our modern era. Within the feminine soul are strong creative forces which can be used for biological mothering and family nurturing. But these same womb forces can also be used in the larger sphere of world mother. Many women feel torn in their allegiance to traditional values of family and home, or service in the larger world. Those who attempt to balance both possibilities may feel that their energies are drained and compromised, so that neither role provides full, creative satisfaction. This crisis in the feminine soul may come at a particular stage in the life cycle, such as mid-life or menopause. The psychological tension may be so profound that physical illness is created, especially in the sexual organs. Without conscious awareness of this struggle, the soul does not have the power to choose and act freely. In the end many women short-change their ability to fully realize their feminine creative forces because of the inner confusion and turmoil which they feel. Pomegranate promotes conscious alignment with the feminine creative Self, so that a woman can see more clearly her right destiny and choices. Pomegranate helps the soul to stay connected to the Mother-Spirit-of-Love in all that it gives to the world. –Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Pomegranate 7.5 ml