Red Clover 7.5 ml


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Patterns of imbalance: Suseptible to mass hysteria and anxiety, easily influenced by panic or other forms of group thought.

The ability to maintain ones own sense of individuality can be severely challenged in adverse situations, particularly where conditions of strong mass consciousness prevail. It is well known that many people lose their capacity to think and respond when caught in highly-charged webs of emotional energy, such as the group panic or hysteria which can arise during natural disasters, war, economic crisis, or when public emotions are inflamed by political or religious demagoguery. Conditions such as these can be seen from another level as a severe form of psychic infectious disease, which rapidly inflames a crowd of people, feeding on currents of fear and confusion. The individual loses his or her own identity and is used as a vehicle to serve the needs of an unleashed force of negativity. This situation can also arise in a family, especially during emergencies or crises, when the blood ties of the family become stronger than the self-awareness of the single individual, who is then propelled by hysterical or destructive energy. Red Clover flower essence is a powerful cleanser and balancer; it is especially related to the psychic properties of the blood, where the spiritual ego of each individual resides. Red Clover infuses strong forces of self-awareness so that the individual can think in a calm and steady way, and act from his/her own center of truth. –Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Red Clover 7.5 ml