Queen Annes Lace 7.5 ml


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Patterns of imbalance: Projection and lack of objectivity in psychic awareness; distortion of psychic perception or physical eyesight due to sexual or emotional imbalances.

Clairvoyance is often thought of in pseudo-mystical terms, but in fact, all human beings are clairvoyant to some extent. Whenever one is able to see not only the physical thing itself, but also the inherent qualities which emanate from the physical, one is seeing clairvoyantly. True clairvoyance is refined to ever more subtle levels in a gradual way, through inner purification of the emotional and instinctual life. Old forms of clairvoyance usually required that the individual server conscious connection with the physical body and ordinary reality; however, modern clairvoyance depends very much on the ability to form a warm and grounded connection with the physical world. Queen Annes Lace is an important remedy for this transition of consciousness. –Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Queen Annes Lace 7.5 ml