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Patterns of imbalance: Feeling ugly or rejected because of personal appearance; over-identified with physical appearance.

Perhaps at no other time in history have human beings sought so desperately to insure their self-worth by exterior standards of beauty. True beauty is a genuine attribute of the soul which every human being is capable of attaining. But great spiritual illness is created in those who seek to identify themselves only with cultural, cosmetic standards of beauty. Tremendous energy is drained from the soul when one tries to wear a cosmetic mask which can never be part of the true, living Self. Pretty Face is indicated for many different situations–for those born with physical deformities or ungainly features, and are especially karmically challenged to find their own inner worth and goodness; for those who, despite normal features, feel the need to excessively groom and alter their appearance; or for those who fear the aging process. In all these cases Pretty Face shifts the souls awareness from looking outside itself, to finding beauty within. This flower essence encourages the soul to contact its true inner luminosity, for it is this soul radiance which is the real component of beauty. –Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Pretty Face 7.5 ml