Hornbeam 7.5 ml


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Patterns of imbalance: Fatigue, weariness; daily tasks seen as an overwhelming burden.

The soul makes unlimited reserves of energy available to the body; unfortunately, these are seldom tapped to their full potential. At the soul level, energy is produced not by calories or fuel, but by full attention and positive connection to ones work or life tasks. Those individuals who experience monotonous routine, or lack genuine interest or involvement in their work, can feel extreme tiredness and exhaustion completely out of proportion to the real capacity of the physical body. The Hornbeam essence re-orients the soul so that it can freshly perceive work or habits which may have become overly dull or routine. Hornbeam sometimes brings an inner realization that a new approach or new lifestyle is necessary to completely recapture ones full energy. Above all, Hornbeam nourishes the soul with renewed strength and vitality so that is may live more effectively and more joyfully in the world. –Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Hornbeam 7.5 ml